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About our stone sinks

Man’s relationship with stone is as old as his relationship with the earth. It began in the Stone Age. Man admired the hardness and the infinite durability of stone, and he looked for a way to work with it, carving it into figures, as well as making it into everyday utensils.

In Mexico, the art of carving stone has emerged over the centuries from antique cultures. The early Europeans and Mexicans’ ancestors combined their stone carving skills to create a distinctive style.

Mexico is distinguished for its artisans who work with stone marble, onyx, and quarry stone.

The methods of producing wonderful works of stone art are not so different than they were centuries ago. For instance, master artisans work stone with hand tools, many continuing to use an assortment of fine finishing chisels to produce their finely crafted art in stone.

The process of creating a stone carved sink seems simple. However, each step must be completed by a master artisan.

The steps in the production of these types of handicrafts are: cutting, grinding, giving the finish to the stone, and sealing the final product.

The stone blocks are chosen and then, the natural lines (veins) are considered in order to determine how to achieve the most symmetrical results. Stones are marked for cutting, and since the blocks weigh between 50 and 160 kg or more, several men are required to assist with the task.

After the stone has been cut, the saw is used to reduce it to a working size. Once done, each block is carefully cut with a chisel and hammer, and then is placed on a board and cut very precisely. Given the mass of each stone block, the artisan uses water to cool the stone (and saw) down. The water also helps to soften the stone and prevent the saw from breaking, making the whole process easier.

The grinding of the stone is refined work and marks the difference between an average artisan and a very skilled one. Now and again, the saw is used to get a better finish; sometimes, the artisan uses a fine chisel to create details.

Once the piece is done, the final task is giving the stone sink its final finish.


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