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Stone Sinks Design Ideas

Many friends & designers, many clients that have trusted our products all over the world have shared their projects & original ideas with us. We are so thankful and so proud to be part of your projects!, we want to show them all!, unfortunatelly the are so many that we can upload them at once so we will be changing this page constantly to show them all.

The beauty of the stone sinks is that the natural stones gives to every sink their unique style making every project unique and special. We have choosen from every project marble sinks, onyx sinks & travertine sinks.

Let us know if you would like to share your sink design projects with us, we would love to publish any photos or stories that you want to share with us.

Get ideas on how to design your stone sinks at Check back often for new project updates.

stone sinks project

Guest bathroom, Dec, 2009

stone sink project

Stone bar sink

Stone Bar sink, Dec, 2009.

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