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Security (Ordering on line safe)


Is an established business?

Yes, is a Mexican Sink Concepts company who creates fine handcrafts in Mexico.

We have a extended community of talented artisans from families that have worked and grown with us over the years. Our master artisans have life experience and we also have the expertise to provide excellent service in bringing our creations to your door.


Is it safe to use my credit card online at

Yes! we use Verisign for all online credit card transactions. Verisign is the leader provider of digital trust services, has been processing credit cards securely over the Internet since 1999 and currently provides secure payment services for more than 60,000 online merchants.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, respects your privacy and thus will never release any personal information (including your home address, email address, and phone number) to any third party. Please see our privacy statement.

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About orders and how to order

How to Order?

Ordering from is easy and secure, once you find an item you would like to purchase, simply click the "Add to Cart" button on that product's description page. Review the quantity of each item you ordered, change the quantity if you want, and then click "Recalculate.". Click “Continue shopping” to continue adding products to the cart if you want to. You can check the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking the "Shopping Cart" button in the menu on the left side of the page. In you want to remove an item from your shopping cart, just change the quantity to zero, and then click "Recalculate." Once you have all of the items you would like to purchase in your shopping cart, click the "Check Out Now" button at the bottom of the page to begin the checkout process and to pick the payment method.

If you have any question or concern or to order by phone please call us toll free 1-(832) 295-9872.

What is the availability of your products? How do I know if a product is in stock?

Most of our sinks are normally in stock. If we don’t have them, normally we mark them out-of-stock on our website. Most items in any category in our store that are not marked are generally ready to ship. Anyway is important you to contact us to inquire about the availability of a particular item, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I recently placed an order and I need to make some changes.

Yes, If the order hasn´t been shipped yet. You may change your order any time before your order has been shipped from our inventory.

Please Contact us immediately to warn us about the change. If the order has been shipped already, we will need to handle it as a return. For more information, please refer to our Policies.

May I cancel an order?

Yes, if your order has not been shipped from our inventory you may cancel your order and receive a full refund.

If the order has been shipped already, we will need to handle it as a return and restocking fees apply. For more information, please refer to our Policies.

Please not that custom orders are not returnable and cannot be canceled.

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About Payments and how to Pay

What type of payments do you accept?

We have the following Payment methods:

Online credit card payments or by phone : Visa, Mastercard may be used.

Online credit card payments through Paypal: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and the Discover Card may be used.

When is my credit card actually charged?

All payments are made in full and charged at the time of your purchase. Even if your product has a long lead time, you must still pay in full at time of purchase. (Custom products may take up to 4 weeks.)


Are there any other charges I may incurr? Does your store charge sales tax?

Please note that we ship direct from Mexico, and so sales tax is not due on any order. Please note some countries outside Mexico may charge custom duties and fees, in that case you will have to cover when receiving the items.

Normally for US orders, there are no import taxes or duties, since the items are handled as handcrafts, which are duty free. However, sometimes, though very rarely, custom fees may apply. Please consider this before order.


Will I be required to obtain any import permits on the items I order?

No, will take care of all import formalities for customers, the recipient will never be asked to do anything special to receive the package.


How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Not long! For in stock items, we ship within 2 to 3 business days of receiving your order. We ship through either UPS or FedEx Ground Service, which takes 5 to 7 business days for delivery inside the United States or Canada. So you will receive your order in about 8 to 10 business days!.

If the item you ordered is out-of-stock, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Customers outside the United States or Canada, please contact us to check the time of delivery.

Is shipping really free? What destinations are eligible for the free ground shipping offer?

Yes,shipping and handling is free to the United States and Canada. free ground shipping is for regular Service via either UPS or FedEx. For shipments that are outside the free ground shipping area, shipping charges are calculated on a per-product basis. So if you are outside the United States or Canada, please contact us to receive a quote for your shipping costs.

Does ship to countries other than the United States and Canada?

Yes! In keeping with our international focus, ships to many countries around the world. The only difference for customers outside the United States is that they should look into possible tariffs and/or duties that might be imposed by local law on incoming international shipments, cannot be held responsible for any tax requirements imposed by any governments in any case.

Also, our insurance coverage is limited to certain areas, so if you are outside the United States or Canada, please contact us  for more details


I am in other country, should I pay shipping costs?

Yes, if you are outside United States or Canada please contact us to o quotate your shipping costs, you should also look into possible tariffs and/or duties that might be imposed by local law on incoming international shipments, as cannot be held responsible for any tax requirements imposed by your government.

Also insurance is limited to some areas so if you are outside United States or Canada please contact us for more details.


I see you offer free ground shipping, but I need overnight shipping.

We cannot provide overnight service, but we can offer express 2-day delivery. Please be aware that the free shipping we offer is for the ground service and takes 5 to 7 days once we ship. If you want Express Service, we would have to charge you the shipping costs. Please contact us for a quote.

How do I track my order?

Easy, just contact us via email, and you will be emailed with the tracking info.


Do you have a policy on returns and exchanges?

Yes, we do. Please check our Policies for all the details.

What if I don't receive my order?

Be sure to indicate the correct mailing address when you are filling out your order form. is not responsible for items that have not been received due to an incorrect address or change of address. If you have not received your order and would like to check the status, please contact us and we will check our records to determine when your order was processed and mailed.

What if my order is incomplete?

We check every package carefully so we ask you to double check if something is missing, check the packing material and box, if is still missing do not worry please contact us immediately. If it is determined that your order was incomplete, the missing portion will be sent. Please check our Policies for more information.

What if my order arrives damaged?

In the event that all or part of your order should arrive damaged, is important you contact us the same day as you receive the item, or the very next day at the latest! Once you have contacted us and sent a photo of the damaged items via email, we will send you replacement items.

Please also note that we use natural stones so the natural stone may be porous and may have vains, those are not consider as dammage or defective. Please check our Policies for more information.

What if I receive the incorrect merchandise?

In the event that you receive a product other than the one that you ordered, the correct product will be sent to you at no additional charge. You will need to send us a photo of the item received and return the incorrect item at our expense before the correct item can be sent to you. Please note that the sinks are 100% handmade, so items will be similar to the ones shown in the pictures, but will not be the exact ones. Please check our Policies for more information.

If I am not satisfied with the product, can I return the product any time?

Yes, you can return products, but within a limited time. You to return products for any reason within 15 days of receipt.

Restocking fees may apply and you should be paying the shipping costs back to Mexico. For full details on how to return an item, Please check our Policies for more information.

What precautions should I take with my stone sink?

Stone sinks are susceptible to the action of acids and alcohol. Do not use sandpaper, cleaners containing grit, or any abrasive products. Please visit our Stone Care and Maintenance section for further details.

Is it necessary to seal stone?

Our sinks are sealed. We treat them with a sealer that penetrates the surface and fills the microscopic voids between the crystals. Anyway, we recommend that you re-seal your sink every 6 months to 1 year, depending on use. There are marble sealers in most hardware stores.


Will the template for the sinks be supplied?

Due to the variation in the dimensions of our handcrafted basins, we do not supply templates. We recommend waiting to receive your actual bowl before making any cuts in your countertop.

Can the stone sinks be installed as undermount sinks?

All sinks with bowls with a flat lip can be installed as either undermount or drop in sinks. Sinks with a rounded lip can only be installed as drop ins.

Do your bathroom sinks have overflows?

No, our stone sinks doesn´t have overflow holes.

Is the drain included with my purchase?

No, your sink does not include any hardware for installation. We sell it separately.

What drain do I use for a sink without an overflow?

You need to install a drain for use on a sink without an overflow. Several faucet and sink suppliers carry them, and your contractor or plumber should be familiar with these types of accessories. We also have a line of drains in our product gallery.


About our materials

I want 2 or more similar sinks. Considering they are 100 % handmade, what differences should I expect?

All our sinks are hand carved from natural stones so variations such as color, size, pattern and veins are common. Also due the handcraft process, the sinks may have variations in shape and size. Our skilled artisans always consider when two sinks will be installed side by side so they will choose the two most similar sinks we have at the moment but won´t be exact each other, that is the beauty of the handmade!.

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