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Stone is a natural material, which time has made strong and man has made beautiful. Stone sinks are both beautiful and durable, and if stone is given the proper care, the stone will sustain its beauty and durability virtually forever. Read the guide below for tips on cleaning stone sinks.

Stone sinks are very durable and resistant.

Stone sinks should be washed with a clean, soft cloth and fresh warm water. Then, as an additional safeguard, they should be washed twice a year with warm water and a mild detergent, which should remove any residue that may have become ingrained. For further protection, a non-yellowing wax may be used.

Stone marble, travertine, and onyx are porous mineral stones that easily absorb liquid, which can cause discoloring and staining. To reduce the ability of the stone sinks to absorb liquids, the surfaces of our stone sinks are sealed. We treat them with a sealer that penetrates the surface and fills the microscopic voids between the crystals.

Anyway, we recommend that you re-seal your stone sink every 6 months to 1 year, depending on the use. There are marble sealers in most hardware stores.

Stone sinks are susceptible to the action of acids and alcohol. Do not use sandpaper, cleaners containing grit, or any other abrasive product.


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